AS for bees started working with them 6 years ago I had two Hives ,  this one made it through



without a hitch.   The second died over  the winter.   I started  Spring off with one hive  .   So I bought another package of bees  and tried to get  two of my hives  going again.  Well that didn’t work out very well and I ended up losing that hive in the winter  too.   so the next summer I did a split , on my hive that when made it through the winter. The new split hive  disappeared late spring. Well I suffered through another year  with just one hive.   That hive got so big that the next spring morning  I had enough to do another split but the Hail storm came in and beat my hive up but I still got two splints out of it, and those two splits ended up being weak but they had enough food, but a  cold winter was too  much and they didn’t make it through the winter .     Well  I’m back to one hive and hoping to get a split out of this one and maybe bye a nuke,   a small hive to start a new hive .   Then in spring i was able to get   a couple of Swarms and get them going strong  into winter  so I  have three hives go into winter.

the Swarms that I cought last spring

the Swarms that I cought last spring

So as winter comes to an end ,  I’ve got three hives still and hope they will go big for this spring.   I’m also going to try to put one of  the hives over on my property.   Another thing i want to do is to get a top bar hive built.   I’m Hoping this leads to Me being able to sell some honey At the farmers market Here in Amarillo .  Candles made of bee wax will  also be an option to sell at  The farmers market too.