Well now that I got this  Truck  I get to have that FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS Time   This means that I get to find all of the little things that are wrong with it.  Things like the fuel having WATER in it and that the Gas is Very OLD  and looks more like Gray Green sludge than gas.20160901_151307 20160901_151252

This is what came out of my old  FUEL FILTER  when I  changed it out. This was scary to say the least.   I can’t  see how  it is running on this stuff.  Well I have a new filter as well as some fuel treatment  in there and will run it dry , then put a small amount back in with more treatment again.  Then I will check  to see how it looks and decide on if I’m going to drop the gas tank to fix this or not.  I just didn’t have time this weekend.   So I’ll be having more  FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS later.

Now to go on about having  more FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS.  there was the windshield that I know about going in.  At least this one was  an easy fix, just had to make a few calls  to find the best price and a time that was  good for me. This was a easy fix  but a hit on the wallet for  $165. the good thing about this is that I don’t have to clean the SMOKERS FILM off of the new windshield.  I will still have to get to work on the other windows though.

Well the surprise of this  FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS was when  It  quit starting on me.  I was backing out the driveway and stopped with the front end up  in the drive but the rear was down in the gutter of the road.   I had to wait for a bunch of cars to go by and my truck died on me .   I was try  to start it and it wouldn’t  start .  Well remember the fuel was bad and had a lot of water in it , well with noes up in the air , the water went to the low end of the tank and the fuel pump sent a lot of water to the engine  and it  don’t run on Water.  Well I kept trying to start it and It stopped working.   It would not even go click . Well this is not a good thing. So now the FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS  Begins  on this problem. 1472813763337 1472813771606 1472813795581




Well After some friends helping me out with some trouble shooting I had to give up for the night.  At least we had it  down to three things that it could be , a bad wire, a bad ground , or the Starter Relay.  Well it was the relay , and it cost me $20  to get the part and a trip across town as my parts store didn’t have it but sent me to the other store across town to get it there.  So  with a jumper wire at the ready , to start the Truck, I was driving around town to get the relay and other things I needed to have to get this Truck going.  Well right there in the parking lot of the Parts Store I swapped out  the RELAYS and fixed the STARTING problem.

SO to the next Part of  my  having FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS.    this was another one that I knew about .   The TURN SIGNALS, oh what fun.   I spent time crawling around checking wires and connections and replaced the bulbs all the way around but still ended up running a few wires to get all  of the Lights  working the way they should.   SO now they all go flash-IE  and blink-IE and stay on like they should.1472813846749



Well I got it fixed up well enough that I can get it  inspected now. So this   FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS post is at an end now and i get to go get the TAGS, Title, AND REREGISTRATION in my name.   SO I’m felling like , I did SOMETHING GOOD today.1472814633210





Well this is it for this  FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS post and I’m glad that I have got my Truck going.  I still need to do a lot of work but that will be later.  For now I’m wanting to get a load of Wood Chips for the garden and compost pile.  I want to say thanks to all that helped me out with this endeavor.   Well there are things that need doing to keep the   BACKYARD HOMESTEADING ACT going so i need to get to them now

so later blessings byebye