I WRECKED MY TRUCK Last  ,  Thursday a bit before noon.  This happened all because of my  SNEEZING    10 times in a row.  Talk about some SIDEWAYS SHIT.    Well It could of been a lot worse, so I’m thankful that it wasn’t.

So now that  I WRECKED MY TRUCK, I get to FIX IT.   This is not an easy job.  There is a good bit of BODY WORK, that needs to be done. The last Time that I did any body work I was still in my TEENS, a good 35 years ago.  Well right now I’m just concerned with getting it back on the ROAD.    So  I  had the front end Pulled out about 8 to 10 inches , by a friend that does body work for a living.    This  cost me $400 to get done.  Then there was the Radiator , fan , and the fan clutch .  There is also the light fixtures as well .  There was also getting it TOWED to and from the shop as well.

Well I WRECKED MY TRUCK,  and it has cost me $650 already.      I still need to get a few parts  and the light fixtures . I’m thinking it will cost about $200 to $400 to get it finished to a good drivable state. I’m hoping to find some cheep parts at the salvage yard.  I need to find a pair of turn signal   light fixtures , the pair of bumper lights , a mounting assembly  for the head lights and a bracket that holds the front bumper on to the frame.    There are a few other things that I will get later but for now these will do .  Later I will want to get a bumper , A grill , the shroud ,and skirting under the bumper , there might be a  front passenger side fender too.  We shall SEE how this works out , later , on down the road.

AS for now , I WRECKED MY TRUCK , and need to fix it as fast as I  can, so I can get to work and keep things going around here.  Well This weekend has been a lot of work , to say the least .   Well it is time to get after it .

so later blessings byebye