So It is Friday and I’m LOOKING FOR PARTS , to fix  my  AQUA-PHONICS system. I need a few bulkhead fittings to get this thing fixed up.  So today I’m LOOKING FOR PARTS. I  went to 6 different places to try to  the BULK HEAD Fittings.  I headed over to  the big box Home Improvement places and they didn’t have them, I hit the local one too, same thing.

Then I went LOOKING FOR PARTS   At  a few of the Plumbing places and they didn’t have them , so back to  Home Depot  to get some PVC parts to do the same thing.    By the time I got all of the driving done I need to get home and sell  some Birds.   So I have the parts to piece this together but I’m not liking it much at all.    This  is more of a patch  work  than a real FIX that will be right.   Well I have the Tank still filling and I will get back to this tomorrow  when I get up.   Well I hope to get this done .

so later blessings byebye

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