Well here is SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB that I thought worth a look into. This Video  is from  CLIF  HIGH and his  Web Bots.     well here are a few others that I think will be worth a look at.

“Fuck You, That’s Why”: A New American Chapter by Bill Buppert

Nigel Farage: Trump To Destroy Hillary In Final Debate

Well I think this is just  one way that the VOTE is being BOUGHT for and By  the DEM’S  ,       Well This is one way to rig a VOTE , and this is another way it can be done.


Don’t worry  thought the MEDIA will make sure that you only get what they want you to get.    SHHHHHH, Be very Quite  the MEDIA don’t want this to be KNOWN.

Rigged Media Blown Away By WikiLeaks

WELL at least we get to Vote and Have it Count  ,  right???        


Well here are  a few , SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB, to look at

Video: Observable Universe Contains 10x More Galaxies Than Previously Thought

This SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB was  a good one .


Think about this one for your life and how it might help you out.

SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB about our MONEY.       Think about it.

Now about WAR on TRUTH .  Well the .GOV is working to Keep this out  of  sight for sure. Well  What is a LITTLE War on FREE SPEECH  to Worry about ???

I hope that  this  SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB , post gives you something to think about. I thought these were  worth posting here and found them worth a thought  or two  or maybe three.        Well I need to get to the things that keep this BACKYARD HOMESTEADING ACT going.

so later blessings byebye



This was JUST SOMETHING I SAW while I was wondering around the net today. This is a wicked looking Storm. I hope everyone is doing good and stays dry.                                                                 

Here too is something that  is  JUST SOMETHING I SAW .   I thought this was Interesting.  This makes me think of a book that I read a long time ago about a comet that hit earth.  I wish I remembered the Name of it.  Well enjoy this. .

Well here is another thing that  is JUST SOMETHING I   SAW.              Well you decide for your self as to what you believe .    Well I’m out of here.

so later blessings byebye



Well now as to  MY WEEKEND WORK AND WAITING . I have a few things to get done , that have needed to get done for a while.  With everything that has been going on the last few months , a few things got pushed aside.   Well today I’m going to try to fix some of this.

The WAITING part of this MY WEEKEND WORK AND WAITING , has to do with my HAM LICENSES not getting here as fast as I want it to get here. I want my CALL SIGN  and I want it NOW.   OH the night mare of having to WAIT for it to get posted.      GOV. is just too slow.  Well at least the mail is. SO I have to wait for it to get prosed through the SYSTEMwell I should have it by next Friday.    I can’t talk on my Radio till I get my Call Sign.       SO  I WAIT for it to get here.

Noe as to the Work part of MY WEEKEND WORK AND WAITING. Well I’m not sure what all will get done but today is the day to get it done for sure.  I think that I’m going to start with the Rack for the QUAIL Cages and the Stand for the Grow Bed on the AQUA-PHONICS system.  I think these are the two BIGGEST things I need to get too out there.   Well them and the Door for the Quail Shed and a Paint Job on it.  So I have a good bit of things that need to get done now.  So I’ll be getting to them after I get back from a run to the Farmers Market  to sell  or TRADE  some EGGS. I like trading them more.    By the time I get back It will be light enough to work and warm enough too.

so latter blessings byebye



Well today I PASSED MY TEST for my radio Technion  license . I got to take my test at about 10:00 AM  this morning.   I PASSED MY TEST  with only five missed questions  out of 35.  This gave me about a score of 85.7 for my test.      I think it would of been higher if I had of got the right question pool set. I downloaded the old set, and took the test on the new set.  Well it all worked out.

So now that   I PASSED MY TEST , I’m going to start work on my next test.   This will be for my GENERAL license.  I can take this test on the 5th  of November.  Well that is if I’m ready for it.  I’ll have five weeks to study, so I think I’ll be ready, I hope.

Well  I guess this is it for this,  I PASSED MY TEST ,  post.    It has been a very long day  and I want to get off from work and get to sleep.     This was way too long of a day.

so later blessings byebye