Well this QUAIL SHED DAY 14  is a two part one.  There was some work yesterday and some today.  I did get up the first run and the trim / fascia  wood   , but this didn’t happen till after 4 in the afternoon.  I was so sore that I almost didn’t work at all.  But I did get the equipment for my Bees done and ready to paint,    This  will get done with the painting that I’ll be doing soon on the Quail Shed and my house.

Well this  QUAIL SHED DAY 14 had a few changes of plans .  I had to go get the fish that I did not get yesterday, so while I was there  I also went and returned my 45 gallon tank.   While i was there  I was looking around and found an egg turner  on sale  for $39.99 + tax.   Well I got it as this was a savings of around $6 . I need to get another Incubator going so I can get really ramped up with my production of Quail for the Farmers Market this summer.

Well I had a bit of good and a bit of bad for the Quail Shed today.   I got the roof all up and screwed down today .  I also had to fix a mes that made on one of the rafters. These are bolted down on the STAR PLATE, well when I got to the last roof section I forgot to tighten down the bolt , but even worse was that I had put the nut on it before I put it up there.  So this was a bad thing that I had to fix today.  Oh WHAT FUN.   NOT.  It took an hour to get it fixed.   Well I had to drill out the hole so that the bolt could wiggle a bit and go in the hole on the Star plate.   Well I did get to start on the Caulking of the roof and will be getting to the Walls soon.  I had to go and get more as 4 tubes only covered about 40% of the ROOF.I  want to get the roof painted this next weekend, if it don’t Rain.

Well  QUAIL SHED DAY 14is over and I will be glad to see this shed done soon.   My body is old and working like this is killing me faster than I want.  Well  There will be a day 15  coming up next weekend, and I’m going to try to get some things done along the way as I can get to these its and Pisces I really want to get this done .   I’ll try to post a few Pictures tomorrow. Well this is it for me for today.

so later blessings byebye


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