Well here is SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB that I thought worth a look into. This Video  is from  CLIF  HIGH and his  Web Bots.   http://sgtreport.com/2016/10/clif-high-web-bot-oct19alta-dumped-dollars-coming-home-hyperinflation-imminent/     well here are a few others that I think will be worth a look at.

“Fuck You, That’s Why”: A New American Chapter by Bill Buppert

Nigel Farage: Trump To Destroy Hillary In Final Debate


Well I think this is just  one way that the VOTE is being BOUGHT for and By  the DEM’S  ,     https://www.rt.com/usa/363357-madonna-offers-fellatio-clinton-voters/       Well This is one way to rig a VOTE , and this is another way it can be done.


Don’t worry  thought the MEDIA will make sure that you only get what they want you to get.    SHHHHHH, Be very Quite  the MEDIA don’t want this to be KNOWN.

Rigged Media Blown Away By WikiLeaks

WELL at least we get to Vote and Have it Count  ,  right???                  http://www.naturalnews.com/055702_election_night_rigged_results_media_fraud.html


Well here are  a few , SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB, to look at

Video: Observable Universe Contains 10x More Galaxies Than Previously Thought

This SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB was  a good one .


Think about this one for your life and how it might help you out.    http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-19/hidden-fragility-what-happens-when-electricity-three-days

SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB about our MONEY.       http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-19/ecb-wants-curb-bitcoin-use-over-fears-it-may-lose-control-over-money-supply       Think about it.

Now about WAR on TRUTH  https://www.rt.com/op-edge/363332-wikileaks-internet-assange-ecuador-clinton/ .  Well the .GOV is working to Keep this out  of  sight for sure. Well  What is a LITTLE War on FREE SPEECH  to Worry about ???

I hope that  this  SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB , post gives you something to think about. I thought these were  worth posting here and found them worth a thought  or two  or maybe three.        Well I need to get to the things that keep this BACKYARD HOMESTEADING ACT going.

so later blessings byebye



Well today I PASSED MY TEST for my radio Technion  license . I got to take my test at about 10:00 AM  this morning.   I PASSED MY TEST  with only five missed questions  out of 35.  This gave me about a score of 85.7 for my test.      I think it would of been higher if I had of got the right question pool set. I downloaded the old set, and took the test on the new set.  Well it all worked out.

So now that   I PASSED MY TEST , I’m going to start work on my next test.   This will be for my GENERAL license.  I can take this test on the 5th  of November.  Well that is if I’m ready for it.  I’ll have five weeks to study, so I think I’ll be ready, I hope.

Well  I guess this is it for this,  I PASSED MY TEST ,  post.    It has been a very long day  and I want to get off from work and get to sleep.     This was way too long of a day.

so later blessings byebye



Well this WORKING WEEKEND  has been due to a New Girl  that didn’t show up to work .   I was ready to get home Wednesday morning  and start my Weekend, but my relief failed to show up. I made the calls  and no one picked up .  This left me at  work dealing with the day Shift work.   Well the first day of my WORKING WEEKEND was only a half day. I got a bit over 4 hours of OverTime.   My relief, the new Girl , had still not call when I got relived, so I claimed the shift for Thursday.

When I got home it was Well Past  Noon.  I was hungry and went to my favorite Chines Food place, The TEXAS CHICKEN BOWL.   They have a $5 lunch special and a fix your own Stir Fry for $7.    I went for both.   I got the BEEF & Broccoli special and Chicken Stir Fry with an extra  bit of Fried Rice ,  for $13.50  .     Well  I ate about half of the  Stir Fry and all the Special  on the first setting.   Then I got to the tending of the critters, they were Upset with my being so late to tend to them.   By time I had every one feed and watered  and cleaned up it was 5:30 , and I went to sleep. Something woke me up for a minute around 6:45 , It was the phone and I shut it off and was back to sleep in two minutes.

I woke up a few minutes after midnight and  finished  off  the Stir Fry.  Then went back to sleep till 4:50 in the A of the M to get the Thursday part of my   WORKING WEEKEND ,  going .    I spent the first 30 minutes playing with the Puppies, they were very happy with this.  I’m not sure how well the neighbors liked it .    Their bedroom light came on while JACK was singing With me.    This was not a TOP HIT in anyones book, but the puppies and me where having a lot of fun.  Well after  The Singing, it was time to get to the day . I let the puppies out into the backyard and Went to take a shower. When I was done I went to let them back in the house to feed them.  JACK WAS GONE.

Jack had went on a bit of a WALK ABOUT.   He had climbed over the fence using the stack of Pallets   I   have.  Well I started calling for him but he was gone.  I garbed a cup of Coffee and the stuff i carry to work every day and headed to the truck to go look for him.  This was a few minutes before 6AM, I was still at it at 7AM when I gave up and headed to work. I was 10 minutes late,due to Jack.

I was worried about him, being out , and this ate at me all morning. Around noon my Neighbor called me to say JACK  was out and on the front Porch  , and had been there for a while.   Well this was a relief for Sure.    When  I   got Off at 3:30 ,  I went straight to the house, to find Jack Still on the porch.   He was  All  happy to see me. I was MAD at him , but was very Happy to  see him TOO.   Well I got him in the house and tended to the critters while Jack DOWNED  the food in his bowl. He had missed breakfast too.

After all of the critters were feed,  I gave in to my HUNGER PAINS .  I went looking for food for ME.   The thing is that I had not got to the store.  Well  this needed to be fixed Right Now.   So off to the store i went.  I needed Bread and  the fixings for some HOT DOGS.   I didn’t spend but $12 there.   When I got home I got to cooking some Hamburgers.  Just TWO of them.  They were  double decker jobs with cheese, lettuces and tomato.   I should of took off my work shirt I got drippings all down the front of it.   Well I was full .

Well I got to the keeping the BACKYARD HOMESTEADING ACT , part of my normal  Weekend. Things like getting the trash out and a load of laundry going.  it was while doing this that I found the Quail eggs in the Incubator had started to hatch out and I needed to setup a brooder box. Well this was a good thing, I need a few more chicks to sell to cover the feed bill.

Well now as it is Friday morning about 7am .   I’m getting to the end of my WORKING WEEKEND.   I plan to get all of the things done with tending to the critters and then move a bunch of pallets so that JACK can not climb on them to get over the fence again.    I need to get this done by NOON .  I have to go to work tonight for my normal work week.   Well this is it for this WORKING WEEKEND post and I’ll get back soon.

so later blessings byebye



Well my GAS TANK FUN , started when I got my  Old / New Truck.  When I got my Truck it had old, bad GAS in it that stank  so bad that I wanted to GAG.   Well  I  thought that I could get this fixed by running some Fuel Treatment  through it.   Well that didn’t work out very well at all.

So the real  GAS TANK FUN  started.  I needed to  get the old /bad Gas out of there.  This meant that  I needed  to get the Tank out of the Truck and wash it out. Not an easy Job for a mechanic with a lift and all the right tools to do  it with.  For me doing it with  A  Jack  and some Stands ,   It was a lot more work and very uncomfortable.   There are a lot of things that are in the way when doing this on the ground that would be easy to get out of the way if it was on a lift.   Well I got it out and cleaned up and put   back in.  I thought that it was FIXED.  So I put it all back together and tried it. Well It was Not Fixed.  Well Part of it was , but not all of it.

The   GAS TANK FUN continued with the FUEL PUMP not working.  Well when I put it back together I had not messed with the  fuel  pump.  That was a big Mistake for sure.  I should of checked to make sure it was running , but i didn’t do that. So I got  to do the trouble shooting and it was the Fuel  Pump that was not working.  Well this sent me out to get a new fuel pump.  Well Now it was time to take the Fuel Tank out of the truck for the second time.

So GAS TANK FUN part two Starts off with me setting the Jack Stands on their tallest setting so I can  have more work room under the Truck.  This helped out a lot, and made working under there a lot easier on me. Don’t get me wrong it was still a pain to work under there but with that extra height it was better on ME.Well I was able to sit up better so  my back was not bent too bad.  Well I got the Fuel Tank out and took the Pump out, to start the replacement of it . When I did this I got a 4 inch long Jelly like worm of GOO that crawled out of the uptake line. It melted away real fast but that was not something that should be in the fuel line.  Well I got the wires set up to test the pump and it worked , after spitting out another GOO WORM. This was good , it meant that the pump was just clogged up, and not burned out.

Well the  GAS TANK FUN was to the reassembly phase.  I got better at working under there.  When I got it all put back together  I found that I had a bad wire somewhere.   SO off to the Wire Trouble Shooting I go. Found out  Which of the wires was bad and ran a new one to replace it . Well it all worked good so I finish putting it all back together.  This was a lot of  WORK that I don’t want to have to do again.  Well when it was all back together I started it up and gave it a test run. I’m happy, Then I turned off the key and It kept running ,  WHAT THE ?????? .  Well I found that the relay  was a bit sticky  and not letting go the way it should. So I got it out and made the connections  with the  clips and bumped the relay about 20 times and put it back in and it works now.  It was a bit sticky to start but it worked lose and is working fine now, but I will be getting a new one soon.

I was thinking that the GAS TANK FUN was done, but I was Wrong.   I was driving it  and smelling gas  and I thought it was from the tarp that I was working on. Well i took it out and  let it air out.  This was not the problem.  I found that I had missed a clamp on the fuel filter , and was leaking from there real bad.  With the clamp  installed, the smell went away. I had only lost about Three gallons of GAS due to this mistake.   I  Will not be able to tell the miles per gallon this time but I can get that on the next tank full.

I did have a few pictures of this but my Phone got stolen and they were on it , and I had not downloaded them yet, so I missed out on posting a few here for this post.  Well this is the end of this GAS TANK FUN  post. I have things to do around here at THE BACKYARD HOMESTEADING ACT that need  me to get to them.

so later blessings byebye





Well now that I got this  Truck  I get to have that FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS Time   This means that I get to find all of the little things that are wrong with it.  Things like the fuel having WATER in it and that the Gas is Very OLD  and looks more like Gray Green sludge than gas.20160901_151307 20160901_151252

This is what came out of my old  FUEL FILTER  when I  changed it out. This was scary to say the least.   I can’t  see how  it is running on this stuff.  Well I have a new filter as well as some fuel treatment  in there and will run it dry , then put a small amount back in with more treatment again.  Then I will check  to see how it looks and decide on if I’m going to drop the gas tank to fix this or not.  I just didn’t have time this weekend.   So I’ll be having more  FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS later.

Now to go on about having  more FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS.  there was the windshield that I know about going in.  At least this one was  an easy fix, just had to make a few calls  to find the best price and a time that was  good for me. This was a easy fix  but a hit on the wallet for  $165. the good thing about this is that I don’t have to clean the SMOKERS FILM off of the new windshield.  I will still have to get to work on the other windows though.

Well the surprise of this  FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS was when  It  quit starting on me.  I was backing out the driveway and stopped with the front end up  in the drive but the rear was down in the gutter of the road.   I had to wait for a bunch of cars to go by and my truck died on me .   I was try  to start it and it wouldn’t  start .  Well remember the fuel was bad and had a lot of water in it , well with noes up in the air , the water went to the low end of the tank and the fuel pump sent a lot of water to the engine  and it  don’t run on Water.  Well I kept trying to start it and It stopped working.   It would not even go click . Well this is not a good thing. So now the FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS  Begins  on this problem. 1472813763337 1472813771606 1472813795581




Well After some friends helping me out with some trouble shooting I had to give up for the night.  At least we had it  down to three things that it could be , a bad wire, a bad ground , or the Starter Relay.  Well it was the relay , and it cost me $20  to get the part and a trip across town as my parts store didn’t have it but sent me to the other store across town to get it there.  So  with a jumper wire at the ready , to start the Truck, I was driving around town to get the relay and other things I needed to have to get this Truck going.  Well right there in the parking lot of the Parts Store I swapped out  the RELAYS and fixed the STARTING problem.

SO to the next Part of  my  having FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS.    this was another one that I knew about .   The TURN SIGNALS, oh what fun.   I spent time crawling around checking wires and connections and replaced the bulbs all the way around but still ended up running a few wires to get all  of the Lights  working the way they should.   SO now they all go flash-IE  and blink-IE and stay on like they should.1472813846749



Well I got it fixed up well enough that I can get it  inspected now. So this   FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS post is at an end now and i get to go get the TAGS, Title, AND REREGISTRATION in my name.   SO I’m felling like , I did SOMETHING GOOD today.1472814633210





Well this is it for this  FUN WITH OLD TRUCKS post and I’m glad that I have got my Truck going.  I still need to do a lot of work but that will be later.  For now I’m wanting to get a load of Wood Chips for the garden and compost pile.  I want to say thanks to all that helped me out with this endeavor.   Well there are things that need doing to keep the   BACKYARD HOMESTEADING ACT going so i need to get to them now

so later blessings byebye