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Well here is SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB that I thought worth a look into. This Video  is from  CLIF  HIGH and his  Web Bots.   http://sgtreport.com/2016/10/clif-high-web-bot-oct19alta-dumped-dollars-coming-home-hyperinflation-imminent/     well here are a few others that I think will be worth a look at.

“Fuck You, That’s Why”: A New American Chapter by Bill Buppert

Nigel Farage: Trump To Destroy Hillary In Final Debate


Well I think this is just  one way that the VOTE is being BOUGHT for and By  the DEM’S  ,     https://www.rt.com/usa/363357-madonna-offers-fellatio-clinton-voters/       Well This is one way to rig a VOTE , and this is another way it can be done.


Don’t worry  thought the MEDIA will make sure that you only get what they want you to get.    SHHHHHH, Be very Quite  the MEDIA don’t want this to be KNOWN.

Rigged Media Blown Away By WikiLeaks

WELL at least we get to Vote and Have it Count  ,  right???                  http://www.naturalnews.com/055702_election_night_rigged_results_media_fraud.html


Well here are  a few , SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB, to look at

Video: Observable Universe Contains 10x More Galaxies Than Previously Thought

This SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB was  a good one .


Think about this one for your life and how it might help you out.    http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-19/hidden-fragility-what-happens-when-electricity-three-days

SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB about our MONEY.       http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-19/ecb-wants-curb-bitcoin-use-over-fears-it-may-lose-control-over-money-supply       Think about it.

Now about WAR on TRUTH  https://www.rt.com/op-edge/363332-wikileaks-internet-assange-ecuador-clinton/ .  Well the .GOV is working to Keep this out  of  sight for sure. Well  What is a LITTLE War on FREE SPEECH  to Worry about ???

I hope that  this  SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB , post gives you something to think about. I thought these were  worth posting here and found them worth a thought  or two  or maybe three.        Well I need to get to the things that keep this BACKYARD HOMESTEADING ACT going.

so later blessings byebye

MY EYE 8-19-16

MY EYE 8-19-16

Well this morning MY EYE 8-19-16 caught this post  over on    SGT REPORT from ROGUE MONEY. This was one that made me think out loud.  I  think you will like this.  Think about the things he is talking about.    Recovery or a wreck covered up???

Well  MY EYE  also saw this one from YOUTUBE   from  a                JIM WILLIE       that talks about the $ dollar  collapse and a GOLD  BACKED dollar.     Will this happen , I don’t know.   The $ dollar is CRAP at best.  When will it crash ??

MY EYE saw this  From NATURAL NEWS About the   government owning the WIND  .  This is a messed up thing at best .  This is them wanting to tax OUR BREATHING. This is totally messed up to say the least.

Well I hope this gives you something to think on.  It is a lot to think about for now.  Well I need to get to sleep so I can go to the Job and Make the $ to keep this place running.

so later blessings byebye




Well I’ve been PLANING MY GREENHOUSE for at least a year and a half now.  This  PLANING MY GREENHOUSE has had me looking at  a lot of ways of building  it .  I looked at a lot of plans and designs that all have a lot going for them from low cost , and how easy they are to build, and Important around here , how well they will stand up to the wind.

PLANING MY GREENHOUSE  has gone through a few changes as time has passed.   One of the first versions of PLANING MY GREENHOUSE was going to be a  GLASS HOUSE built with a bunch of used windows, I even found two windows for a cheap $5 each.   So I started to look  for more windows. Well I soon found out that  I was very lucky to of found them  at that Price.  Well after  All of my looking I only found 2 other windows that  I could get at a price I could afford,  and none were  FREE.  Well This was no good for building cheap.

Well my next thought on   PLANING MY GREENHOUSE  was One of the HOOP HOUSES made with  PVC pipe , wood and a Plastic cover.  Well these are cheep for sure , and can be built for less that $300  or even lower is most of the Materials are second hand and scrapes. The thing Is that they are not good at dealing with the winds that we have around here .  Well the smaller ones are not bad , but the bigger they get the harder it is  on them with the wind.  Well around here the wind is bad.

Well this led me to  PLANING MY GREENHOUSE as a cross between these two ideas .  I need a strong  green house  that will huld up to the winds and be cheap enough to afford.  Well for a while I’ve been collecting Pallets and If I  use them as a back wall, I can have the  Strenght I need to hold up to the winds.  I can use some Cattle Panels as the suport for the Plastic cover  and I’m going touse the frame from a Trampoline to be the strucutural frame for every thing that Is not the back wall or the low front (south facing ) Wall.  I’m thinking a 2 foot wall for the front and a 6 or 8 foot wall for the back wall.  This will get me a GREENHOUSE that Is  16 ft long and 10 or 12  ft wide .    Well I have most of the things that I will need to go this way with my Greenhouse.  Then I started to work on this Quail Shed  using the Starplates and Now I’m thinking  That I could build My Greenhouse this way.    Well with thw Geo Dome It would be very wind resistant  and I could do it for about  $500 total cost.  This is compaired to the $300 it will cost for the cattle pannels , and plastic covering  way,  with the PALLETS.

Well whichever way I go with PLANING MY GREENHOUSE  It will be after I Get my Quail Shed done.  Well  it is next on the list  of big Projects I have planed.  Well One way or the other I’m need to get this done, this year so I can have a newhome for my AQUAPHONICS system, and a bunch of Trees  too.  Well time to go .

so later blessings byebye





With all of the things going on around here I’m left WANTING REST.   I’m always  WANTING REST and needing REST.   This Quail Shed Project has been wearing me out and leaving me  WANTING REST.    I know That I’m way behind on my Gardening  here At the  Backyard   Homesteading ACT.    There are a lot of things that have been put off .  I’m thinking I’m going to split this weekend  Between  the  Quail Shed  , The AQUA-PHONICS system ,  and  the Garden, that is in need of a lot of action and some  love.

Well all of these will leave me still WANTING REST, that just  is not in the foreseeable future.  This WANTING REST  Has me thinking about taking a week of Vacation time  so that I can get a day of rest , and  a bit of time to get things done in a reasonable time.     To do  this though will kill my plans for a camping trip this fall.  Well this trip was just in the planning stages but I really want to do it. Getting to go camping would let me get some rest .   OH how I love choices.  Well  I’m    WANTING REST but need to  #getshitdone .   Well I’ll   going to talk to my Boss and see what we can work out ,  as to a week of vacation  for the mid to end of APRIL.   Mid  APRIL would be best for me.    I have to find out what the Boss Man has planed for this time period.

Well I’ll Talk to Him this week and see how it will work out for both of us.  I was just looking at the calendar and I think the 9th to the 13th would work out great for me. Soon enough that I can get to the things That I need to get to and not so late that it messes with my Gardening, here at the Homestead.  Well no mater what happens with this I’ll still be   WANTING REST, as I will be working at something no matter what happens. Well I’m done here .

so later blessings byebye



Well this was more of a half day of work on the Shed so QUAIL SHED  DAY  10.5 . ON this  QUAIL SHED  DAY  10.5 I got all of the walls done with the exception of the was that I’m going to put the door in on.   Getting these pieces in took a bit longer than I thought it would. There were 15 parts that I had to get measured then cut then screwed on,  but I got them done.

Then went to the lumber yard for some 2x12s  for the door frame.   When I get this door frame and door built , it will be a lot easier to  go through the wall than bust the door down.  All of this lumber and screws cost just under $130 .    Well by the time I got everything home and unloaded  it was about  2pm. I was tired and needed sleep. So I checked and topped off all the critters  feed and water , made sure that the puppy’s had done their thing and called it a day by 3pm.

Now you know that going to sleep is the surest way to get your Phone to ring. Well It rang about 3:30 pm just as I was getting to sleep.  The good thing about this was that it was a lady wanting some eggs  for eating.     So I set up a sale for in the morning about   8am .   While I was talking to her I got a text about some of my roosters for eating that I have for sale.  Well I hope that he can get them , he is checking to see about funding.   Well I’ll find out in the morning.

Well this QUAIL SHED  DAY  10.5 was a good day but I’m getting things done,I just wish it was faster going.  Well I hope to get some work done on the door frame and add it to this Half Day.  I want to have this door done by Wednesday, so I can get to the roof on Thursday.   I have some help From Mrs H. lined up on  Thursday.

This  QUAIL SHED  DAY  10.5 has been a good Day, and it was a productive one too.  Well I’ll get back with you for the next   part of this Shed Build ,  but for now this is it for this QUAIL SHED  DAY  10.5  .

so later blessings byebye

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