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WELL We have a PRESIDENT TRUMP on his way to the White House.          I see this as a good thing for this country.   I really think that  PRESIDENT TRUMP will do  a good job .  The thing is that the BANKERS will pull the plug on the US Dollar and blame  ,  PRESIDENT TRUMP for it.   Well we shall see how this works out .

Well as  President, he will be blamed for everything that happens  for the next 20 Years or so.  Well the LIBS can’t  have blame  placed on O-DUMMY, the DEMS, or the BANKERS.

Well PRESIDENT TRUMP Is on his way In.                                             O-dummy is on the way out.                                                                     And CLINTON needs to be on her way to JAIL.                                        This would be a good Start to fixing the Mess that has befallen this UNION.     Well I need to get to WORK.

so later  blessings  byebye