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Well like the Header said  THIS POST BROUGHT TO YOU ON A PINE64.   I got it a few monthe ago , but I have not had the time to get to this  Project till the last few Weeks.  I was working on getting  my TRUCK fixed after wrecking it .     Well I was able to get an OP. SYS. installed  on a SD Card. I have DEBIAN LINUX on here and itis working good.

SO THIS POST BROUGHT TO YOU ON A PINE64, that I got off of KICKSTARTER last year.    The way i have it setup , cost around $60 ,  which is not a bad price at all.   Even with all the extra stuff like cables, key board and Mouse , I’m still under a $100 bucks total .   Sad thing is that It is a better computer than my NETBOOK.      They have these for sale now  at  PINE64.ORG .   I think they are well worth the money you will  spend on them.  So go check them out.

Well I hope to get back to a more active posting  routine now that I have my truck fixed  the HAM RADIO LICENCE and this Pine  stuff kind of cought up  with for now.   SO THIS POST BROUGHT TO YOU ON A PINE64 , post is done and I need to earn the money that my boss pays me.

soter blessings byebye




I WRECKED MY TRUCK Last  ,  Thursday a bit before noon.  This happened all because of my  SNEEZING    10 times in a row.  Talk about some SIDEWAYS SHIT.    Well It could of been a lot worse, so I’m thankful that it wasn’t.

So now that  I WRECKED MY TRUCK, I get to FIX IT.   This is not an easy job.  There is a good bit of BODY WORK, that needs to be done. The last Time that I did any body work I was still in my TEENS, a good 35 years ago.  Well right now I’m just concerned with getting it back on the ROAD.    So  I  had the front end Pulled out about 8 to 10 inches , by a friend that does body work for a living.    This  cost me $400 to get done.  Then there was the Radiator , fan , and the fan clutch .  There is also the light fixtures as well .  There was also getting it TOWED to and from the shop as well.

Well I WRECKED MY TRUCK,  and it has cost me $650 already.      I still need to get a few parts  and the light fixtures . I’m thinking it will cost about $200 to $400 to get it finished to a good drivable state. I’m hoping to find some cheep parts at the salvage yard.  I need to find a pair of turn signal   light fixtures , the pair of bumper lights , a mounting assembly  for the head lights and a bracket that holds the front bumper on to the frame.    There are a few other things that I will get later but for now these will do .  Later I will want to get a bumper , A grill , the shroud ,and skirting under the bumper , there might be a  front passenger side fender too.  We shall SEE how this works out , later , on down the road.

AS for now , I WRECKED MY TRUCK , and need to fix it as fast as I  can, so I can get to work and keep things going around here.  Well This weekend has been a lot of work , to say the least .   Well it is time to get after it .

so later blessings byebye



WELL We have a PRESIDENT TRUMP on his way to the White House.          I see this as a good thing for this country.   I really think that  PRESIDENT TRUMP will do  a good job .  The thing is that the BANKERS will pull the plug on the US Dollar and blame  ,  PRESIDENT TRUMP for it.   Well we shall see how this works out .

Well as  President, he will be blamed for everything that happens  for the next 20 Years or so.  Well the LIBS can’t  have blame  placed on O-DUMMY, the DEMS, or the BANKERS.

Well PRESIDENT TRUMP Is on his way In.                                             O-dummy is on the way out.                                                                     And CLINTON needs to be on her way to JAIL.                                        This would be a good Start to fixing the Mess that has befallen this UNION.     Well I need to get to WORK.

so later  blessings  byebye



Well here is SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB that I thought worth a look into. This Video  is from  CLIF  HIGH and his  Web Bots.   http://sgtreport.com/2016/10/clif-high-web-bot-oct19alta-dumped-dollars-coming-home-hyperinflation-imminent/     well here are a few others that I think will be worth a look at.

“Fuck You, That’s Why”: A New American Chapter by Bill Buppert

Nigel Farage: Trump To Destroy Hillary In Final Debate


Well I think this is just  one way that the VOTE is being BOUGHT for and By  the DEM’S  ,     https://www.rt.com/usa/363357-madonna-offers-fellatio-clinton-voters/       Well This is one way to rig a VOTE , and this is another way it can be done.


Don’t worry  thought the MEDIA will make sure that you only get what they want you to get.    SHHHHHH, Be very Quite  the MEDIA don’t want this to be KNOWN.

Rigged Media Blown Away By WikiLeaks

WELL at least we get to Vote and Have it Count  ,  right???                  http://www.naturalnews.com/055702_election_night_rigged_results_media_fraud.html


Well here are  a few , SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB, to look at

Video: Observable Universe Contains 10x More Galaxies Than Previously Thought

This SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB was  a good one .


Think about this one for your life and how it might help you out.    http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-19/hidden-fragility-what-happens-when-electricity-three-days

SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB about our MONEY.       http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-19/ecb-wants-curb-bitcoin-use-over-fears-it-may-lose-control-over-money-supply       Think about it.

Now about WAR on TRUTH  https://www.rt.com/op-edge/363332-wikileaks-internet-assange-ecuador-clinton/ .  Well the .GOV is working to Keep this out  of  sight for sure. Well  What is a LITTLE War on FREE SPEECH  to Worry about ???

I hope that  this  SOMETHING I SAW ON THE WEB , post gives you something to think about. I thought these were  worth posting here and found them worth a thought  or two  or maybe three.        Well I need to get to the things that keep this BACKYARD HOMESTEADING ACT going.

so later blessings byebye



This was JUST SOMETHING I SAW while I was wondering around the net today. This is a wicked looking Storm. I hope everyone is doing good and stays dry.                                                                           http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/10/05/satellite-image-hurricane-matthew-resembles-skull/


Here too is something that  is  JUST SOMETHING I SAW .   I thought this was Interesting.  This makes me think of a book that I read a long time ago about a comet that hit earth.  I wish I remembered the Name of it.  Well enjoy this. .http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/09/comet-may-have-struck-earth-just-10-million-years-after-dinosaur-extinction

Well here is another thing that  is JUST SOMETHING I   SAW.      http://www.popsci.com/dont-take-weather-advice-from-matt-drudge              Well you decide for your self as to what you believe .    Well I’m out of here.

so later blessings byebye