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Well now as to  MY WEEKEND WORK AND WAITING . I have a few things to get done , that have needed to get done for a while.  With everything that has been going on the last few months , a few things got pushed aside.   Well today I’m going to try to fix some of this.

The WAITING part of this MY WEEKEND WORK AND WAITING , has to do with my HAM LICENSES not getting here as fast as I want it to get here. I want my CALL SIGN  and I want it NOW.   OH the night mare of having to WAIT for it to get posted.      GOV. is just too slow.  Well at least the mail is. SO I have to wait for it to get prosed through the SYSTEMwell I should have it by next Friday.    I can’t talk on my Radio till I get my Call Sign.       SO  I WAIT for it to get here.

Noe as to the Work part of MY WEEKEND WORK AND WAITING. Well I’m not sure what all will get done but today is the day to get it done for sure.  I think that I’m going to start with the Rack for the QUAIL Cages and the Stand for the Grow Bed on the AQUA-PHONICS system.  I think these are the two BIGGEST things I need to get too out there.   Well them and the Door for the Quail Shed and a Paint Job on it.  So I have a good bit of things that need to get done now.  So I’ll be getting to them after I get back from a run to the Farmers Market  to sell  or TRADE  some EGGS. I like trading them more.    By the time I get back It will be light enough to work and warm enough too.

so latter blessings byebye



Well this WORKING WEEKEND  has been due to a New Girl  that didn’t show up to work .   I was ready to get home Wednesday morning  and start my Weekend, but my relief failed to show up. I made the calls  and no one picked up .  This left me at  work dealing with the day Shift work.   Well the first day of my WORKING WEEKEND was only a half day. I got a bit over 4 hours of OverTime.   My relief, the new Girl , had still not call when I got relived, so I claimed the shift for Thursday.

When I got home it was Well Past  Noon.  I was hungry and went to my favorite Chines Food place, The TEXAS CHICKEN BOWL.   They have a $5 lunch special and a fix your own Stir Fry for $7.    I went for both.   I got the BEEF & Broccoli special and Chicken Stir Fry with an extra  bit of Fried Rice ,  for $13.50  .     Well  I ate about half of the  Stir Fry and all the Special  on the first setting.   Then I got to the tending of the critters, they were Upset with my being so late to tend to them.   By time I had every one feed and watered  and cleaned up it was 5:30 , and I went to sleep. Something woke me up for a minute around 6:45 , It was the phone and I shut it off and was back to sleep in two minutes.

I woke up a few minutes after midnight and  finished  off  the Stir Fry.  Then went back to sleep till 4:50 in the A of the M to get the Thursday part of my   WORKING WEEKEND ,  going .    I spent the first 30 minutes playing with the Puppies, they were very happy with this.  I’m not sure how well the neighbors liked it .    Their bedroom light came on while JACK was singing With me.    This was not a TOP HIT in anyones book, but the puppies and me where having a lot of fun.  Well after  The Singing, it was time to get to the day . I let the puppies out into the backyard and Went to take a shower. When I was done I went to let them back in the house to feed them.  JACK WAS GONE.

Jack had went on a bit of a WALK ABOUT.   He had climbed over the fence using the stack of Pallets   I   have.  Well I started calling for him but he was gone.  I garbed a cup of Coffee and the stuff i carry to work every day and headed to the truck to go look for him.  This was a few minutes before 6AM, I was still at it at 7AM when I gave up and headed to work. I was 10 minutes late,due to Jack.

I was worried about him, being out , and this ate at me all morning. Around noon my Neighbor called me to say JACK  was out and on the front Porch  , and had been there for a while.   Well this was a relief for Sure.    When  I   got Off at 3:30 ,  I went straight to the house, to find Jack Still on the porch.   He was  All  happy to see me. I was MAD at him , but was very Happy to  see him TOO.   Well I got him in the house and tended to the critters while Jack DOWNED  the food in his bowl. He had missed breakfast too.

After all of the critters were feed,  I gave in to my HUNGER PAINS .  I went looking for food for ME.   The thing is that I had not got to the store.  Well  this needed to be fixed Right Now.   So off to the store i went.  I needed Bread and  the fixings for some HOT DOGS.   I didn’t spend but $12 there.   When I got home I got to cooking some Hamburgers.  Just TWO of them.  They were  double decker jobs with cheese, lettuces and tomato.   I should of took off my work shirt I got drippings all down the front of it.   Well I was full .

Well I got to the keeping the BACKYARD HOMESTEADING ACT , part of my normal  Weekend. Things like getting the trash out and a load of laundry going.  it was while doing this that I found the Quail eggs in the Incubator had started to hatch out and I needed to setup a brooder box. Well this was a good thing, I need a few more chicks to sell to cover the feed bill.

Well now as it is Friday morning about 7am .   I’m getting to the end of my WORKING WEEKEND.   I plan to get all of the things done with tending to the critters and then move a bunch of pallets so that JACK can not climb on them to get over the fence again.    I need to get this done by NOON .  I have to go to work tonight for my normal work week.   Well this is it for this WORKING WEEKEND post and I’ll get back soon.

so later blessings byebye



Well this weekend was QUAIL SHED DAY 17.    Well  it took all weekend to get a good day in on the Quail Shed.  I did get other things done around the homestead, so I was productive for sure.  I  got a few little things done for this weekend but I was working on bits  and pieces  of the QUAIL SHED DAY 17  each day.

On the Wednesday part of the shed I was moving a bit of lumber out of the way, so as to make some room to work for the new Miter saw,  that got here today  , Friday.     After that I got a piece of  corner molding installed on the edge of the loft so that the lip will not get messed up when I move things up and down .     Well I got some house work done too, three loads of laundry and  did end up cooking  a lot of food on the grill to feed me for the rest of the weekend. Then I went to dinner with the family as it was my aunts birthday. A lot of food and a real good time . By the time I got home it was 8PM, and I was very tired.

Well the Thursday part of this   QUAIL SHED DAY 17 ,   was a slow day  as I did not get  a real start  till noon.  When I did get to it it was a short day , I called it by 5PM, and was  headed to bed by 8PM.  I was kind of lazy.  Well I did get a small bit of Caulking done and got some parts cut for under the corners of the roof, but I did not get them installed.

Well The Friday   part if this was the most active part of this  QUAIL SHED DAY 17.  I got to work on the top part  that is going to cap off the roof.   Well I got the base done and  Was working on the roof part  and when I started to assemble it i found that I had  took the short measurement and cut the long point to it  , So It was a waste of a board that I will have to replace  it in the morning.  Well I got the 1×2’s cut for the trim and found out that I’m short on them as well so I’ll be getting some more in the morning too.     Well I got the two sides of the Trim  nailed together  and ready to install.

Well  I will get to get that  finished next week.    I  have some dry days to work with next week .   I will do a few bits  while I’m able to while it is dry on MONDAY and TUESDAY, then I’ll get real busy on it for my weekend.  I’m going to try to get some  more caulking done so that I can get some Painting don on my weekend.   Well I’m done with this  QUAIL SHED DAY 17  post.

so later blessings byebye



What A day for my QUAIL SHED DAY 15.  What a long day for me . I got up at  9PM last night to go to work.  Then got stuck there till 8:40 Am this morning.   Well it was almost noon before I got to work on the Quail Shed.  When I got home I checked the weather and called it a PAINTING DAY. Not going to rain till late Saturday night. Well that is what the weather man said anyway.

So  QUAIL SHED DAY 15 has been a day of caulking and painting on the roof. Well I went up there with 12 tubes of Caulking and got to it , and by 2pm I was out of tubes. The Thing was that I was  I still had spots that need some.  Well this meant a trip to HOME DEPOT for more.  I was out the door at 2:10 pm and there and back by 3:20. I was flying low today.   Well I got 4 tubes and used 3 so far. I might get to take it back later , we shall see. Well I got  to the last bits and was done by 4:30 . Well I started digging things out to do the painting for this  QUAIL SHED DAY 15.   I started painting at 5PM and was done at 7:30 with the paint .  It took till 8 pm to get things cleaned up and picked up .

Well I’m covered in paint and will be getting to a shower soon. Right now  there is a stake on the grill with some taters. This will be INHALED SOON .     Then I’m calling this QUAIL SHED DAY 15 done . I plan to get the second coat of paint on the ROOF  tomorrow and then start on the Floor, for DAY 16.   I don’t know for sure I might do the painting of the walls instead, we shall see what happens.  I will post some pictures tomorrow.     Well this is it for this   QUAIL SHED DAY 15,  my food is calling me and I’m going to answer that call right now.

so later blessings byebye




Well today is going to be a RECOVERY DAY & PHOTO DUMP.   I have had a long and good Vacation / Weekend thing .    These last fore days have been productive.   I got to build , assemble  a few things, and will be doing a few today too.  I’m sore  all over, but woke up rested  this morning.  I even woke up and started a pot of coffee , and before I got a cup I fell back to sleep for another 2 hours.  Well the Coffee was getting COLD, and I had to heat it back up before I could have a cup.   This is just wrong all the way around.

Well there are a few small things I’m going to get done  on this   RECOVERY DAY & PHOTO DUMP.  I have a small electric TILLER  that needs to be assembled.   This came in yesterday afternoon, and that was fast , I ordered it Monday around noon.   So  they got it to me in three days.   Now I need to get it put together and give a work out on the ground in the shed. I’m going to till it up  and add some concrete and pack it down  then wet it down  and let it cure out.  When I’m done I’ll have an earth cement floor that will have thermal heating for   my QUAIL SHED. The other thing I’m going to do is to get my new Grow Bed set up for the Aqua-Phonics system in  the   garden room. I’m thinking that I will take the one that is in there now out to the one that is outside as a temporary kind of  thing. I need something out there as a Quick fix.

Well I have so good Pictures  for this   RECOVERY DAY & PHOTO DUMP.

20160425_184447 20160426_091741 20160426_091754 20160426_151824 20160426_151828 20160426_151945 20160426_151951 20160426_184543 20160426_184549 20160426_184554 20160426_184604 20160426_184732 20160426_184746 20160426_185007 20160426_185022 20160427_165443 20160427_165447 20160427_165454 20160427_165457 20160427_165501 20160427_165513 20160427_165529 20160427_165537 20160427_165555 20160427_195710 20160427_195722 20160427_195723 20160427_195733 20160427_195736 20160429_103559 20160429_103604 20160429_103728 20160429_103738 20160429_103744 20160429_112019 20160425_184419 20160425_184431


Well I went from this being all open to being closed in.




I broke out the tool belt, an OLD FRIEND from days past.



Well I was up and down the ladder and all over the Scaffolding the last few days.


I did get to assemble a few bits of Bee Keeping Equipment.







This is the Last spot  that needs to be   covered up.

I found these lost EGGS between the fences, and I can’t get to them without climbing over the compost bins.

My feathered garden Terrorists Eying their next target.


A bit of garden    de-  FENCE.

A gift from a friend  Next  door.   I will enjoy eating these for sure.

The fuzzy PICT.is the hole I cut in the Stock tank for a grow bed on my Aqua-Phonics system.

Well I’m done with this post.

so later blessings byebye