Well this WORKING WEEKEND  has been due to a New Girl  that didn’t show up to work .   I was ready to get home Wednesday morning  and start my Weekend, but my relief failed to show up. I made the calls  and no one picked up .  This left me at  work dealing with the day Shift work.   Well the first day of my WORKING WEEKEND was only a half day. I got a bit over 4 hours of OverTime.   My relief, the new Girl , had still not call when I got relived, so I claimed the shift for Thursday.

When I got home it was Well Past  Noon.  I was hungry and went to my favorite Chines Food place, The TEXAS CHICKEN BOWL.   They have a $5 lunch special and a fix your own Stir Fry for $7.    I went for both.   I got the BEEF & Broccoli special and Chicken Stir Fry with an extra  bit of Fried Rice ,  for $13.50  .     Well  I ate about half of the  Stir Fry and all the Special  on the first setting.   Then I got to the tending of the critters, they were Upset with my being so late to tend to them.   By time I had every one feed and watered  and cleaned up it was 5:30 , and I went to sleep. Something woke me up for a minute around 6:45 , It was the phone and I shut it off and was back to sleep in two minutes.

I woke up a few minutes after midnight and  finished  off  the Stir Fry.  Then went back to sleep till 4:50 in the A of the M to get the Thursday part of my   WORKING WEEKEND ,  going .    I spent the first 30 minutes playing with the Puppies, they were very happy with this.  I’m not sure how well the neighbors liked it .    Their bedroom light came on while JACK was singing With me.    This was not a TOP HIT in anyones book, but the puppies and me where having a lot of fun.  Well after  The Singing, it was time to get to the day . I let the puppies out into the backyard and Went to take a shower. When I was done I went to let them back in the house to feed them.  JACK WAS GONE.

Jack had went on a bit of a WALK ABOUT.   He had climbed over the fence using the stack of Pallets   I   have.  Well I started calling for him but he was gone.  I garbed a cup of Coffee and the stuff i carry to work every day and headed to the truck to go look for him.  This was a few minutes before 6AM, I was still at it at 7AM when I gave up and headed to work. I was 10 minutes late,due to Jack.

I was worried about him, being out , and this ate at me all morning. Around noon my Neighbor called me to say JACK  was out and on the front Porch  , and had been there for a while.   Well this was a relief for Sure.    When  I   got Off at 3:30 ,  I went straight to the house, to find Jack Still on the porch.   He was  All  happy to see me. I was MAD at him , but was very Happy to  see him TOO.   Well I got him in the house and tended to the critters while Jack DOWNED  the food in his bowl. He had missed breakfast too.

After all of the critters were feed,  I gave in to my HUNGER PAINS .  I went looking for food for ME.   The thing is that I had not got to the store.  Well  this needed to be fixed Right Now.   So off to the store i went.  I needed Bread and  the fixings for some HOT DOGS.   I didn’t spend but $12 there.   When I got home I got to cooking some Hamburgers.  Just TWO of them.  They were  double decker jobs with cheese, lettuces and tomato.   I should of took off my work shirt I got drippings all down the front of it.   Well I was full .

Well I got to the keeping the BACKYARD HOMESTEADING ACT , part of my normal  Weekend. Things like getting the trash out and a load of laundry going.  it was while doing this that I found the Quail eggs in the Incubator had started to hatch out and I needed to setup a brooder box. Well this was a good thing, I need a few more chicks to sell to cover the feed bill.

Well now as it is Friday morning about 7am .   I’m getting to the end of my WORKING WEEKEND.   I plan to get all of the things done with tending to the critters and then move a bunch of pallets so that JACK can not climb on them to get over the fence again.    I need to get this done by NOON .  I have to go to work tonight for my normal work week.   Well this is it for this WORKING WEEKEND post and I’ll get back soon.

so later blessings byebye